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How are interest rates determined for operations presented on the platform?

The interest rate is initially proposed by the project owner. RAIZERS, in discussion with the latter and following the completion of the audit, may adjust the interest rate applicable to the operation financed. The rate is determined on the basis of several criteria that may offset each other (operator's experience, pre-marketing, stage of completion of the operation, liquidity of the asset, level of margin, etc.). The final rate is discussed by the Committee and reflects the risk identified on the operation as well as the term of the loan. There may be a degree of subjectivity in determining the interest rate, which must also take into account the relationship RAIZERS has with the project promoter, the economic context, RAIZERS' commercial knowledge of its customers, etc. It should be noted that the interest rate suggested by RAIZERS must be accepted by the project owner, and that RAIZERS does not determine this rate unilaterally.

Updated on: 22/06/2023

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