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How are operations selected?

How are operations selected?

By who?

It is the audit team that analyses the operations presented on the platform. But before being put online and presented to investors, each operation must follow a strict selection process.

What is the selection process?

Each operation is audited by a member of the Analyst team. Two aspects are addressed during the audit:

The operator: its experience, the financial soundness of its structure, its reputation, etc.

The operation: its location, profitability, consistency with the market, whether it is secure in terms of administrative (planning permission) and technical (works insurance, service providers) aspects, whether the operation is pre-commercialised, etc.

Following this analysis, the possible structuring of the project and, in particular, the guarantees that can be put in place (mortgage, security trust, surety, first demand guarantee, etc.) are considered.

Once this phase is completed, the file is presented to a selection committee. This committee reviews the operation and determines whether or not it can be financed on the platform, and if so, under what conditions.

Are some cases refused?

Of all the cases analysed, on average, one out of two cases will not reach the lifting phase.

What are the selection criteria?

Each project is different, so the criteria are not set in stone, the important thing is the balance between the risks identified during the analysis and the guarantees there are to secure the loans. The analysts use a scoring tool to get an internal score on each file.

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Updated on: 05/04/2022

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