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How to invest in an operation?

How to invest in an operation?

Check your account is funded

Your account must be funded with at least the amount of your investment in order to subscribe to one of our operations. See How do I credit my account?.

Visit our Operations page to find all our current operations :

Select the operation you wish to invest in by clicking on "INVESTING”

Indicate the amount you wish to invest in the operation.

The amount of your investment must be greater than or equal to €1,000, be a round number and in increments of €1,000 (e.g. you cannot invest €1,050. You will have to choose between investing €1,000 or €2,000).

Click on "invest in this operation”

Click again on "Invest" to confirm the amount you have chosen and to certify the veracity of your data.

Generation of your subscription form

Frequently asked question:
The subscription form is not generated and I cannot click on the "Sign your subscription form" button.
In case of high traffic on our site, in order to avoid technical problems, it is possible that the server slows down the generation of the subscription forms and that you are put in "queue". Please be patient or come back to your customer area a little later.
NB: If you have reached this stage, your subscription is reserved.

Signature of your subscription form

a. Tick the box "I have read and accept the document”.

b. Enter the SMS code received on the phone number entered in your profile.
c. Sign the document in the space provided.
d. Tick the boxes indicated.
e. Click on Sign.

Your investment has been confirmed and your participation in the operation has been taken into account. To review your subscription in detail, click on "See my subscription".

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Updated on: 05/04/2022

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