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What taxation for real estate crowdfunding?

The taxation of real estate crowdfunding for French tax residents

Real estate crowdfunding is a bond investment. The interest received is therefore subject to capital taxation, so you have two choices:

Flat tax: 30% tax on interest received during the year (12.8% tax and 17.2% social security contributions),
Integration with income and taxation at the marginal bracket of the income tax and social security deductions of 17.2%.

The second option applies to you if your income is less than €25,000 (for a single person).

How is the tax levied?

When you receive interest, the platform pays the gross interest into your Raizers account and instantly deducts the Flat Tax. The platform takes care of the declaration and payment of these taxes to the French Treasury.

To follow these transactions, go to the My account section of your investor account.

How to be exempt from income tax?

If you are exempt from income tax, and in order to be exempt from income tax deduction for the year Y+1, you must regularise your tax situation with the platform from your profile in the My tax area. The exemption from deduction must be provided to the platform before 30 November of year Y.

See How do I fill in my exemption from deduction?

You are a foreign tax resident

If you are a foreign tax resident and you receive interest on our platform, you are not subject to the rules of the French tax authorities. You receive the gross interest and are subject to the rules of the tax authorities in your country of residence.

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Updated on: 05/04/2022

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