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I am a French tax resident. What is my tax situation?

What taxation for French residents?

If you are a natural person and you are domiciled in France for tax purposes, you are in principle subject to a 30% tax (flat-rate tax or "PFU") on bond income (interest received or "bond coupons") and loans (interests received).

In fact, this rate is broken down as follows :
- 12.8% income tax ("IR");
- And 17.2% social security contributions ("CSG" / "CRDS").

Please note that you can apply for a waiver of IR if you meet certain conditions*. To do so, please sign the income tax exemption document available in your personal space. See the article: How do I fill in my exemption from deduction?

For bond issues or loans carried out on the platform, Raizers declares and pays the PFU on behalf of investors. No action is required by French tax residents, income is declared directly to the tax department and the declarations are pre-filled.

*In order to benefit from the tax exemption, the reference tax income of your household, as shown on your tax notice drawn up in respect of the income of the penultimate year preceding the payment of the bond or loan income, must be less than €25,000 (for single, divorced or widowed taxpayers) or €50,000 (for taxpayers subject to joint taxation).

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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