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I am a Swiss tax resident. What is my tax situation?

What taxation for Swiss residents?

If you have invested in a Swiss-based operation.

If you are resident in Switzerland for tax purposes and have subscribed to Swiss bonds, please note that bond income is subject to withholding tax. This withholding tax is deducted by Raizers on behalf of the Issuer at the time of your annual interest payment.

To reclaim the amount of withholding tax that has been deducted at each interest payment, you must complete the "Valuation of Securities" section of your tax return. You will be asked to specify the number of bonds subscribed, their nominal amount and the interest received.

Do not forget to attach to your tax return the various notices that Raizers will have sent you for each interest payment. This notice shows the gross interest received, the amount of withholding tax deducted and the net interest.

If you have invested in an operation based outside Switzerland

If you have invested in foreign (including French) bonds, no withholding tax is applicable. However, you will need to inform yourself in your country of residence about the administrative steps to be taken in the context of bond income.

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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